Page  Turning  of  the  Books  of  Remembrance  Ceremony



In conjunction with the Christ Church Cathedral authorities, the regimental trusts of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry and Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, hold a bi-monthly service of Page Turning.  This is a very pleasant, but poignant occasion which involves turning the page of the respective Books of Remembrance (which are held in locked glass cases within the Military Chapel of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford) and reading out the names of officers and soldiers who have given their lives during both World War One and World War Two – 5 names for each war and regiment.


This short service is normally carried out in the Military Chapel within the Cathedral and takes place on a Saturday at 11am.  Participants (nominated readers) are usually expected to be in place for 10.45am and anyone wishing to attend is advised to be early to claim one of the limited number of seats.  On some special days (such as the 11 November-Armistice day) the ceremony will be held in the main body of the cathedral.  This usually brings a larger audience and the start time is usually 10.30am.


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The Trustees of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry Trust, following a fund raising event, had 3 Altar Kneelers manufactured for use in the Military Chapel.  They were made in the colour of Mantua Purple with the Queen Adelaide Cypher embroidered upon them.  At a recent Page Turning ceremony – 6th May 2017 - the kneelers were positioned at the altar and were then dedicated.


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Future  Dates  and  names  to  be  read  for  the  ceremonies


Dates for 2019 are as below: -

5th January (Saturday)

2nd March (Saturday)

4th May (Saturday)

13th July (Saturday)

14th September (Saturday)

11th November (Monday)

4th January 2019 (Saturday)




The next Page Turning event takes place on Saturday, 13th July 2019.

The names to be read out are -


First World War

Alfred James Jarman, Killed in Action at Battle of Amiens on August 10th 1918, aged 37.

Hubert Holmes Jennings, Killed in Action at Gillemont Farm  on June 21st 1917, aged 25.

James Johnston MM, Died of Wounds received at Rifle Wood on April 15th 1918, age not known.

Arthur Edward Jones, Died of Influenza at Caudry on November 11th 1918, aged 28.

George William Jones, Died of Wounds received at Potijze on May 27th 1915, aged 22.


2nd World War

Bernard Austin Freeman, Died in Captivity on POW ship bound for Japan on September 21st 1944, aged 24.

James Gee, Killed in Action at Singapore on February 15th 1942, aged 36.

Victor Lewis Green, Died in Captivity at Tonchan, Thailand on July 1st 1943, aged 34.

Ronald Cecil Brooke Greville, Missing after escape attempt at Singapore on February 15th 1942, aged 33.

Gordon Leslie James Hankin, Killed in action at Boxmeer, Holland on November 17th 1944, aged 25.


Can I remind anyone wishing to attend the service at Oxford’s Christ Church cathedral that the service begins at 11.00hrs and people are requested to be seated by 10.45, thank you.















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