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Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars Association

On this page we wish to inform you of the aims and benefits of being a member of the Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars Association (QOOHA).

Firstly, a link to where you can view all of the QOOHA Membership Purposes and Rules.

In brief, there are 3 main classes of membership :-

  1.      Full membership – for serving and ex-soldiers of a QOOH or OY unit
  2.      Associate Membership – with no previous service in a QOOH/OY unit
  3.      Honorary Membership – for selected persons who have been beneficial to the OY/QOOH

The affairs of the Association will be administered by a management committee of members numbering not more than eleven and not less than seven and they will include :-

  1.      Ex officio, the current Chairman of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry Trust (OYT).
  2.      One other Trustee of, and nominated by, the OYT.
  3.      Ex officio, the serving CO or OC, and one senior NCO and one junior NCO or soldier, nominated by the OC of the current QOOH unit.
  4.     Not less than three members of the Association who are not currently serving soldiers.
  5.     Ex officio, the Editor of The Oxfordshire Hussar newsletter.

An Annual Luncheon is held each year (normally in October) where members have the opportunity to meet and chat with their previous comrades-in-arms.  The AGM is also held on the same day.


A montage of pictures from various Annual Luncheons can be seen below.

Members receive a quarterly newsletter – The Oxfordshire Hussar – either as an attachment to an email or via the Royal Mail (the postal option is primarily for members who do not have access to the internet or email).

Joining the QOOH Association

Anyone wishing to join the QOOH Association is asked to email the Honorary Secretary – Jean Mills for a membership pack, stating your name, address and service details (if applicable).

General Data Protection Regulation

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced by the EU on 25th May 2018 (and now incorporated into UK law), the Association has formulated its Policy on Data Protection and a link to a copy can be found here.

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