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Operations & Honours

Operations & Honours

Whilst there is a page listing the Battle Honours that covers military units which have a 'combatant' role. The Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, with its various role and cap badge changes, has in its latter years been in a Supporting Arms role (Royal Signals and Royal Logistic Corps) and soldiers from these units have volunteered to serve overseas in support of the Regular Army. British Army units in a Supporting Role are not normally awarded Battle Honours, so this page will list the numerous occasions where the QOOH (wearing either of the two cap badges mentioned) have served outside the UK.

Royal Signals

1995-1997    Implementation Force (IFOR) – NATO-led multinational peace enforcement force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
1996              Joint Service Signal Unit (JSSU), Falklands Islands.
2001-2002    Armoured Brigade and 519 Signal Squadron, Kosovo.
2002 97        (BRITFOR) Signal Squadron, Bosnia.
2002-2005    Divisional Support Command (DISCOM), Afghanistan.
2003              Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment (Op TELIC), Afghanistan.
2003-2004    BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) Alberta, Canada.
2004 97        Signal Squadron, Bosnia.
2004-2005   Tiger Team (Op TELIC), Afghanistan.
2005 204     Signal Squadron and Camp Dogwood (Op TELIC), Afghanistan.
2006 97       Signal Squadron, Bosnia.
2007-2008   Mechanical Brigade (Op TELIC), Afghanistan.

A Resolution was passed by the Banbury Charter Trustees on 21st May 1998 and that the Freedom of Banbury Town had been granted by the Trustees to 5 (QOOH) Squadron (V), Royal Signals on 5th July 1998.

The Customary Oath was sworn at a ceremony held as part of the Town Mayor’s Sunday of that year.  A bond of friendship has existed between the soldiers of 5 (QOOH) Squadron (V), R Signals and the people of Banbury for many years and to commemorate the Bi-centenary of the raising in 1798 of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry and in recognition of the distinguished record of the Squadron and its eminent service to Queen and Country, the Trustees do hereby admit to the Honorary Freedom of the town of Banbury to the Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and serving soldiers in the 5th (Queen’s Own Oxfordshire Hussars) Squadron (Volunteers), Royal Signals and do confer the right, honour and distinction of marching through the streets of the town on all ceremonial occasions with colours flying, bands playing, drums beating and bayonets fixed.

Royal Logistic Corps

2016           Op Tosca – United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

Members of the Resources Committee of the Banbury Town Council were reminded that the Freedom of the Town had been granted by the Banbury Charter Trustees to 5 (QOOH) Squadron (V), R Signals on 5th July 1998.  A Resolution was passed by the Banbury Charter Trustees on 21st May 1998 and The Customary Oath was sworn at a ceremony held as part of Town Mayor’s Sunday that year.

Members were advised that the Council had been approached by the Officer Commanding 142 (QOOH) Vehicle Squadron, RLC, to update the grant of the Honorary Freedom given that both the Regiment and the Council had changed since the initial grant was made.

It was RECOMMENDED that a grant of Honorary Freedom be given to the 142 (QOOH) Vehicle Squadron, Royal Logistic Corps at a meeting specially convened for the purpose and that arrangements be made for a suitable ceremony to take place as part of the Armed Forces Day event in June 2015.

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